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Plans to use free AS SSD benchmark determines the performance of a solid state drive on a computer or a smart device. Tool six-volume quantities and low third-copy test. Proper procedures, Or, run a company and allow you to perform a task that you may need to correct for the results.

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Measure the software set and read all over / KuandikaUtendaji vehicles of allAuthor. For example, The pilot of ‘time measured how much time the writing of documents equals 1 GB in size and then the kuiisoma. Again, the ‘4K test’, read and write performance was measured4 randomly selected for KB pets selected. Another test stage is 4KB zinasoma data and quotesLook on actions divided by Title 64 of tests that should represent the Native CommandQueuing (NCQ) car stable, among other things,The difference between IDE mode – where NCQ support – work in AHCI mode.


Lao Sin technical software that utilizes professional equipment, ASSSD benchmark produces a mark. At the end of the test term, Three in the order of reading and writing of the stall test vehicle are provided. In fact, the test results are found to suppress the images in them to make it easier. For example, the graph of xThe axis shows the efficiency of the data, and makes for easy reading. Try the dark, from the VifaaKuiga benchmark menu, the number of test files is designed.Computer cache This test also makes the fact that it can be found. Runzo test should show the device’s functionality and the drive to read and write operations simultaneously in many situations. The notable drawback is that the User InterfaceTuAkapatikana is in German cans other users.However, it’s easy to run away from all without a language choice expert in the area for the fact that lets you determine exactly what’s going on.


It is a technical organization that is very important for computer engineers who are trying to identify computers. For example, It helps to work in a situation where it is obligated to continue slowly or if the problem lies inOther parts of the computer.

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