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Microsoft has created a lot of equipment quite possible that for many years there have been controversial since Zune. This is done in order to compete against Apple iPod giant Microsoft Zune and. Given the developments seem to do enough to be able to zune?

The powerful work

Show the lowest price Zune is the best work.

user interfaceConsumer capacity of the individual

If there is any one in the whole heart, as is the case for a long, It is a light, that it is delayed in the user interface makes Microsoft. From the smaller menu button and browsing Zune users can be difficult and sees eiconaua is enjoyable. Microsoft competitors and a strong market potential benefit unless there is limejaaNa platforms. Aided by software developers proprietaryQuod does not kill the Zune powerful search engine available on other platforms. If you fall in love with the Microsoftcertain software, then Zune is the place to go.

changes to

Irhyddhau’r Zune Music Store and updated.

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